Most of them are for sale. The site is there to give a good overview of my painting. However, some paintings are no longer available for sale. In this case the caption bears the mention “not available”.

The paintings are shipped using packaging made by me and made of polystyrene sheets and surrounded by several layers of bubble wrap.

If you are interested in an available painting, you can contact me using the form in the contact tab. The price of the painting will then be communicated to you by email. Shipping costs are extra.

Bank transfers and PayPal are only accepted. The painting is shipped once payment has been received.

You have 15 days to return the purchased work. Shipping costs are your responsibility.

Yes, you will receive with the painting a certificate of authenticity established in your name indicating the title of the painting (in French), the author, my signature as well as the apostille identical to that of the back of the painting received.

The prices of my works are accessible to all and correspond to market prices. They vary according to the type and format of the work. Contact me for more information.

All the works presented on the site are acrylics on canvas. I practiced watercolor and pastel, but I haven’t practiced them for a long time.

The canvases are painted with a brush using heavy body type acrylic colors, that is to say very concentrated in pigment. I almost never use medium. This allows the naturalness of the color to be preserved as much as possible.

I do not prepare my supports myself. I buy them all prepared. They are all wooden frames two centimeters thick. The linen fabrics are nailed to the sides of the frame and staples are affixed to the back. The canvases are stamped with my personal and exclusive blue stamp. I never paint the sides of the chassis.

Some paintings are varnished, but most of them are not. Applying a varnish to a painting is not always suitable and can even have an unpleasant effect depending on the lighting of the painting. If you want the painting you buy to be varnished, I can accede to your request. This does not alter the quality or the nature of the work. However, you will have to wait 3 more days to receive the work. The use of varnish (matte or glossy) is a subject of controversy among painters.

In France, in Royan on the Atlantic coast. I was born in Provence (Avignon). I also resided in Morocco as well as in the Paris region.

My Mother tongue is French. I am fluent in English and Spanish and can maintain written and oral contacts in these two languages. The pages of my site are systematically published in these three languages.

No, on family encouragement, I followed an economic training. I trained in painting by visiting galleries, museums, painting books, art history as well as direct contact with professional artists. I started to paint some gouaches on cardboard as a teenager, then after a few years of interruption I started in pastel, watercolor and acrylic.

In the 80s, I met the one who was to become my wife. By a happy coincidence, this one is the great-granddaughter of a painter who was a member of the Barbizon school. Her apartment was therefore decorated with numerous oils and watercolors by this painter. He was a professional who had acquired a certain notoriety. It is present in many collections. His paintings are in several museums. This revitalized my taste for painting. At the beginning of our marriage, visits to galleries and museums were numerous. But during the summer of 87, the meeting with the painter Roger Escudié on the island of Noirmoutier proved to be the trigger. We spent an entire afternoon with the painter and his daughter. The latter was then going through a difficult pass. He was ill and living in an unenviable family situation. He died in 1990. He had an endearing personality that marked us. He encouraged me to paint, gave advice etc… Finally, at the end of the holidays, I acquired a box of pastels and I started by making copies to learn. Then I switched to watercolors and started the real creations. The watercolor material lends itself well to travel, it is easily transportable. As I traveled frequently, in the evening after my day’s work, I did some watercolors in my hotel room. The positive comments from some of the maids encouraged me. But in the end, I did not persevere in this technique and I quickly switched to acrylic, a technique that I have kept until today.

I like to draw inspiration from places where I have lived. I like to restore atmospheres, colors and shapes. I also really like painting flowers.

Twentieth century Spanish painting has always impressed me a lot and influences me a lot. A painter like Mir influences my landscapes. I learned a lot by studying Sorolla’s paintings for light.

I am very interested in all that is done in contemporary painting. Today we have the chance with YouTube to be able to virtually visit all the greatest galleries in the world and visit each of their exhibitions (Marylin Buchanan’s channel). In any case, all those who influence contemporary art. Google Art also allows you to view all the great historical works of painting in high definition. The Internet keeps us informed about the secondary art market. All this while staying at home. However, I paint freely and as I feel. I have no school or style constraints.

I have been painting for over thirty years. It took me about three years to acquire a personal way of dealing with inspirational subjects in acrylic. After this period my approach stabilized and my style changed little. However, in 2022, my paintings have been the subject of more nuance in the application of color and more variety in the subjects treated.

No. I exhibit and sell exclusively through the internet channel.

No. I exhibit and sell exclusively through the internet channel.